You have an idea, a story to tell, a vision to share.

Mondo Machine has the resources you need to implement your ideas through imaginative digital media.

Founded by Creative Producer, Edwin R. Ruiz, Mondo Machine is a production company that serves as a hub for Chicago artists, filmmakers, writers, organizations and patrons of the arts to facilitate creative work that resonates with audiences worldwide.

We specialize in narrative storytelling, archival documentary of live performance, innovative prop design and event experience design.

Edwin Camera

Edwin R. Ruiz
& Creative Producer

Edwin R. Ruiz has been building things by hand ever since he was a child, repurposing and reconceptualizing his father’s old tools and mechanical scraps into solar cars and robots. In the ‘80s, he would even repair VCRs and tape players he found tossed away into the alley.

Now Edwin combines his technical skills with entrepreneurial business savvy, a passion for storytelling, and a knack for assembling the best talent for the job in order help people experience digital media content in an imaginative way. From specialty prop design to mechanical engineering to making sure everyone on set gets fed, Edwin runs every project like a well-oiled machine.

Edwin has collaborated with dozens of local businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and independent artists like the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, CIMMfest, Women in Travel Summit ’15, and the South Chicago Velodrome Association to articulate their messages, differentiate themselves in the marketplace and establish their presence in their community.

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Andrea Klunder
Casting Director
& Associate Producer

Andrea Klunder knows people. She’s been an actor, musician, filmmaker, writer, yoga & meditation teacher, entrepreneur and more — always studying human behavior, performance technique, mindset and communication.

In 2000, she co-founded Coffee Table Casting to help bridge the gap between aspiring indie and student filmmakers and local actors. Shortly thereafter, she became the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Chicago ScriptWorks, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Chicago screenwriters hone their craft by producing staged readings of new screenplays featuring local talent.

Andrea’s podcast, The Creative Impostor, is all about about helping artists, performers and entrepreneurs build confidence in their unique creative expression.


Andrea and Edwin co-teach workshops on DIY video production for solopreneurs and consult with small business owners, non-profits and other creatives to help them communicate their message in a creative way.